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Statistics and studies in the nutrition world have long shown that the practice of juicing has solid health benefits, especially with the development of products like the HealthMaster, that are designed to liquefy entire fruits and vegetables into a drinkable form.

What is juicing? Juicing is turning fresh fruits and vegetables into a juice form with the help of a blender or emulsifier such as the HealthMaster Blender/Juicer. This procedure provides your body with the essential vitamins and nutrients at a much faster pace than if you were to physically eat the fruit or vegetable.

What is motivating as well is that you rarely have to peel the fruit or vegetable that you intend to put in your juicer, as long as you wash your fruit or vegetable. Obviously you don’t want to place an unpeeled orange, but most other fruits and vegetables can be used with the skin on.

It is important to note that fruits and vegetables in their raw forms retain much more of the vitamins and nutritional value that cooked vegetables and fruit will often lose.


The HealthMaster, marketed and backed by TV personality Montel Williams, has proven to be a state of the art emulsifier that is gaining attention due to the positive feedback and exceptional work of this kitchen appliance.

A complete review of the HealthMaster can be found below.

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HealthMaster Emulsifier Review

The HealthMaster blender is much more than that.  In fact, to refer to this appliance as a blender doesn’t do it justice.  The appliance is designed specifically to liquefy any whole vegetable or fruit so that you retain all of the antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and minerals that you were meant to get, including the extra that comes from areas you might remove such as skin and seeds.

Unlike the HealthMaster, most juicers lack in the area of extracting all of the nutrients contained in the skin and seeds.  The HealthMaster was developed to catch every single ounce of benefit from what you put in to it.  This process increases the nutritional value tenfold.

About the HealthMaster

With the HealthMaster, you can expect to be able to make anything from frozen juices to hot soups.  There is no need to spend time peeling your fruits or removing seeds from anything you wish to put in your emulsifier, as you just toss them in whole.

You will have the ability to juice, blend, simmer, grind, whisk, melt, grate, puree, whip, crush, mash, mince and more,

HealthMaster Blender

HealthMaster Uses

making this a one of a kind kitchen breakthrough appliance.  In fact, the HealthMaster has been designed to do 31 kitchen jobs in total.

The HealthMaster is made of polycarbonate plastic and has an excellent look to compliment your counter top. It has an 8 speed variation to choose from depending on your desired liquid. It holds 70 ounces/2 quarts of liquid.  The centrifugal force of the spinning blades causes friction to heat the contents for your hot soups or dips.

A major bonus of the HealthMaster is that the commercial grade culinary blades are made so that you will never need to replace them. Once you buy HealthMaster, you are set for the lifetime of your emulsifier.  No worries about replacement parts as there is also a 100 year warranty on the motor.

HealthMaster and Juicing

Juicing can be a commitment to a healthier you, and as well can be helpful in lowering calorie intake.  This product simply allows this process to be extremely easy and quick. It is best to prepare only enough for the current use each time.

As far as creating other recipes, the options are limitless.  The benefits of being able to create preservative free juices and foods are many.  There are virtually no cons to owning a HealthMaster Emulsifier between the functions and warranties, so for this reviewer, it’s nothing less than excellent.

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Brainetics reviewBrainetics Review

More and more people are turning to Brainetics to help their children do better in school when it comes to learning math and spelling skills efficiently.

If you are wondering what makes this software so popular nowadays, you’ll find the answer here.

Brainetics is a program designed to assist students in better understanding the concepts of grammar and mathematics.  It helps students to understand basic English spelling and mathematics at the elementary level.

The program is designed to improve the student’s spelling and math skills if used for 20 minutes daily for a period of 3 weeks. It is believed to reduce dropouts rates in high school.

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The education report of 2005 recorded a decline in high school dropout rates from 24.3% to 17%. Training graduates of high school for employment fell by 26 percent for United States High School graduates between 2000 and 2006.

The full Brainetics program runs around $149, and there is a 30 day trial version that costs $14.95.

Brainetics Tricks

Brainetics reviewBrainetics is an innovative memory and math program. It is sold in 5 DVDs, and comes with Flash Cards, Parent Manual, Playing Cards, and Playbook. According to statistics, parents who have used Brainetics have been completely satisfied with the results.

Brainetics helps the pupils regard solving math problems as a fun game. It greatly boosts the student’s grasp of spelling and math.

It also makes the student gain confidence in his/her ability to learn. With the use of Brainetics, the grades of the student tremendously increased in school within a very short time. It gives a substantial saving in tutoring fees, but does require parent’s involvement to start.

The playbook and the playing cards increase the student’s interest in learning.

The first DVD is designed to improve concentration and focus of the student. The second DVD helps the student to ease learning anxiety.

The third DVD enhances the creativity of the student and teaches them to recognize patterns.

The fourth DVD is designed to help expand the mental capacity of the student and improve his/her efficiency.

The fifth DVD is designed to improve the student’s mental organization and expand his/her memory.

Brainetics Development

The inventor of the software, Mr. Mike Byster, believes that children have a large mental capacity but require assistance to enable them to push themselves to learn. He was awarded with Parents Choice Gold Award in 2008.

The software is very popular with many parents and has made millions of dollars for Mike.Brainetics tricks

The Reader’s Digest as well did a feature on this program due to the popularity it has gained. It is a lot of fun learning with Brainetics compared to using calculators and textbooks.

It provides parents with tools that inspire learning with fun. It creates the hunger for knowledge which is vital for academic achievement. It is a wonderful program that should be provided to every child.

The DVDs are designed to improve pattern recognition, improving organization and expanding the capacity of the brain. These skills will be helpful for the student to solve any problem in the classroom.

Systematic Learning

The math skills inspire the students to learn and develop unique methods of solving problems. The skills help the student to master a complete system that expands the mind, teaches a better way to organize data and enhances memory.

For instance, a student who has gone through Brainetics would give you the answer to 95 x 96 in seconds without using calculator or pen and paper.

The student will determine the answer in this simple way. 95 is 100 less 5 and 96 is 100 less 4.   Since 5 x 4 equals 20, the last 2 digits of the answer must be 20.

Since 95 less 4 is 91 the first 2 digits of the answer must be 91. The answer to 95 x 96 is therefore 9120. That’s the wonder of Brainetics.


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brainetics review

Resveratrol Select reviewResveratrol Review

Many health products in the market today claim to have perfect substances to improve and resolve health related issues and because of this, people tend to become victims of misinformation by promoters who are paid just to praise the product.

In this review, we will talk about Resveratrol Select, a powerful antioxidant that is now very well known secondary to the excessive media attention given to it.

This review shall also include why one should consider using this product. It plays an important role in the medical field because its compound has a very positive effect on the body, particularly on the cardiovascular system such as heart and blood vessels, body weight and blood glucose level.

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This product is anti-cancer and can help in reducing Alzheimer’s symptoms and strokes.

The high antioxidant compound that is found in this product comes from naturally-produced plant extract, which is also found in red grapes, Japanese knotweed, berries, and other plants.

Grapes are crushed and made into red wine and this is known to prevent heart illness.

Though red wine is believed to have a significant amount of resveratrol, consuming alcohol is not as advisable and not a suitable option to many people. If you want to have a significant dosage of resveratrol, you can try Resveratrol Select capsules.

It can have up to 100 times more resveratrol content than a single glass of red wine. Resveratrol Select capsules also contains Chromium, Theanine, and green tea that boosts health benefits in each capsule.

Resveratrol Select Supplements

The Chromium substance in every capsule of Resveratrol Select has a vital function in a way that our bodies use insulin, thus, utilizes sugar carbs and storage of fat that causes weight loss.

The powerful antioxidant Green tea has been proven across centuries to have remarkable health benefits. The Theanine also helps maintain mental balance and physical well being. You can avail all of these by taking Resveratrol Select capsule.

The main biological active and well characterized constituent from grape is Resveratrol, a substance that is found in

Resveratrol Review

Resveratrol Review

grapes and in red wine when extracted.

This substance is known for medicinal properties in human diseases. Resveratrol Select is formulated with this substance, extracted and purified for the prevention of human diseases.

Resveratrol Select has the nutritional value that the human body needs. There are plenty of benefits that this product offers. The formulations of the product have been provided, beneficial for daily consumption.

There is also a high level of polyphenols in this product, also found in grape juice which blocks the production of protein linked to cardiovascular diseases.

Why Buy Resveratrol Select?

The introduction of this product is highly considered. Its promotion in anti-aging benefits, heart disease prevention and loss of body weight is reliable.

Resveratrol is also known to have high anti–aging benefits. Other substances found in grapes when extracted is the high level of polyphenols that are proven to block the production of protein linked to cardiovascular disease.

These substances are well compressed in one Resveratrol Select capsule leaving an array of health benefits from various scientifically proven sources.

So if you are looking for a supplement that offers healthy benefits, Resveratrol Select is one product worth your money.

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Disclaimer: The story(s) Depicted on this site and the person(s) depicted in the story are not real. Rather, this fictional story is based on the results that some people who have used these products have achieved. The results portrayed in the story and in the comments are illustrative, and may not be the results that you achieve with these products. This page receives compensation for clicks on or purchase of products featured on this site.*Results not typical – This article makes no guarantee of results.