Brainetics reviewBrainetics Review

More and more people are turning to Brainetics to help their children do better in school when it comes to learning math and spelling skills efficiently.

If you are wondering what makes this software so popular nowadays, you’ll find the answer here.

Brainetics is a program designed to assist students in better understanding the concepts of grammar and mathematics.  It helps students to understand basic English spelling and mathematics at the elementary level.

The program is designed to improve the student’s spelling and math skills if used for 20 minutes daily for a period of 3 weeks. It is believed to reduce dropouts rates in high school.

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The education report of 2005 recorded a decline in high school dropout rates from 24.3% to 17%. Training graduates of high school for employment fell by 26 percent for United States High School graduates between 2000 and 2006.

The full Brainetics program runs around $149, and there is a 30 day trial version that costs $14.95.

Brainetics Tricks

Brainetics reviewBrainetics is an innovative memory and math program. It is sold in 5 DVDs, and comes with Flash Cards, Parent Manual, Playing Cards, and Playbook. According to statistics, parents who have used Brainetics have been completely satisfied with the results.

Brainetics helps the pupils regard solving math problems as a fun game. It greatly boosts the student’s grasp of spelling and math.

It also makes the student gain confidence in his/her ability to learn. With the use of Brainetics, the grades of the student tremendously increased in school within a very short time. It gives a substantial saving in tutoring fees, but does require parent’s involvement to start.

The playbook and the playing cards increase the student’s interest in learning.

The first DVD is designed to improve concentration and focus of the student. The second DVD helps the student to ease learning anxiety.

The third DVD enhances the creativity of the student and teaches them to recognize patterns.

The fourth DVD is designed to help expand the mental capacity of the student and improve his/her efficiency.

The fifth DVD is designed to improve the student’s mental organization and expand his/her memory.

Brainetics Development

The inventor of the software, Mr. Mike Byster, believes that children have a large mental capacity but require assistance to enable them to push themselves to learn. He was awarded with Parents Choice Gold Award in 2008.

The software is very popular with many parents and has made millions of dollars for Mike.Brainetics tricks

The Reader’s Digest as well did a feature on this program due to the popularity it has gained. It is a lot of fun learning with Brainetics compared to using calculators and textbooks.

It provides parents with tools that inspire learning with fun. It creates the hunger for knowledge which is vital for academic achievement. It is a wonderful program that should be provided to every child.

The DVDs are designed to improve pattern recognition, improving organization and expanding the capacity of the brain. These skills will be helpful for the student to solve any problem in the classroom.

Systematic Learning

The math skills inspire the students to learn and develop unique methods of solving problems. The skills help the student to master a complete system that expands the mind, teaches a better way to organize data and enhances memory.

For instance, a student who has gone through Brainetics would give you the answer to 95 x 96 in seconds without using calculator or pen and paper.

The student will determine the answer in this simple way. 95 is 100 less 5 and 96 is 100 less 4.   Since 5 x 4 equals 20, the last 2 digits of the answer must be 20.

Since 95 less 4 is 91 the first 2 digits of the answer must be 91. The answer to 95 x 96 is therefore 9120. That’s the wonder of Brainetics.


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brainetics review