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The Bionic Hearing Aid, as promoted by television actor Lee Majors, is a revolutionary hearing aid device that combines digital hearing aid technology with the convenience of a rechargeable battery. Imagine digital hearing aid technology and the advancements made in the hearing aid arena to offer such a great new device.

Hearing loss can be a frightening experience, especially if your loss is new in onset. Some causes for hearing loss can be build up of ear wax, damage or injury to the inner ear area, infection of the ear or even a rupture of the ear drum from a known or unknown cause.

As many know, hearing occurs when sound waves reach the structures inside of your ear. Once there, sound waves are converted into nerve signals. Once this happens, your brain recognizes this as sound. Our ears are made up of 3 major parts. These parts are the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. The sound waves pass through the outer ear and this causes vibration at the eardrum. Once this process doesn’t work properly anymore, Bionic Hearing Aid comes into play.

Whether you’re hearing loss is caused by a medical condition or the process of aging, it is comforting to know that products exist to aid you in your ability to hear all of the things you might otherwise miss.  As we age, prolonged exposure to loud noises over our lifetime can lead to hearing loss. This is because the electrical signals are not transmitted as well as they used to be.

The Lee Majors Bionic Hearing Aid is one of the products that can allow you to hear again, and because of its micro technology; it is one of the most popular hearing aids available today.

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Bionic Hearing Aids

As mentioned above, hearing occurs when sound waves reach the structures inside your ears causing vibrations that result in nerve signals. Your brain recognizes these vibrations as sound.  When this process is interrupted, hearing loss is the result. Again, this can be caused by many different things, some medical, some injury, some from other causes.

Assuming that your hearing loss has been investigated by a medical professional to rule out any dangerous cause or medical condition, it is then time to investigate hearing aids and hearing aids prices.

This is where the Bionic Hearing Aid seems to stand out in the crowd.

The Bionic Hearing Aid works by capturing sound and amplifying that sound as it makes its way through the inner ear. Amplifying sound is important when being able to attempt to return to normal hearing with the addition of a device such as the Bionic Hearing Aid.

This process as outlined above allows you to be able to hear things you would normally miss as often seen with hearing loss, such as the noises of nature or even the telephone ringing. Missing certain sounds can be distressing, embarrassing and often cause distress in the activities of daily living.  As well, it can be dangerous to miss certain sounds, for example a siren from an oncoming emergency vehicle, or a train whistle, or even someone calling for help!

Bionic Hearing Aid Benefits

Outside of the obvious improved hearing that is associated with a hearing aid, the Bionic Hearing Aid offers many conveniences that you will not find with traditional products. These conveniences are important in daily living and bring a simplicity that only the Bionic Hearing Aid can bring due to the updated digital technology.

There is the convenience of a rechargeable battery that comes with this hearing aid. This means that there are no batteries to replace, and no extra money spent on purchasing new batteries. Batteries are expensive and anyone who is forced to replace their remote batteries or watch batteries all the time are now a days inclined to purchase rechargeable batteries as well.

The products comes with 2 AAA batteries included (for travel), as well as an AC Adapter charger when using at home.  You simply place the hearing aid into the included chargeable storage case. It is important to keep everything clean, and dust free.

The first green light indicates that the device is charging properly and the second light will signal when charging is complete.

The Bionic Hearing Aid comes with 5 different sized ear caps and 2 different styles ensuring a comfortable fit for each

Hearing Aid

Digital Technology Hearing Aid

individual.  In addition, this device is small and discreet for your privacy.  It also has adjustable settings to meet your particular hearing aid needs.

Finally, the Bionic Hearing Aid comes with a custom cleaning brush in order to keep your hearing aid clean, and you will be happy to find an included DVD and instructional pamphlet that goes over your Bionic Hearing Aid step by step to avoid any confusion or errors in use.

Customer satisfaction is high with the Bionic Hearing Aid and with the easy use and convenience of the rechargeable batteries, in addition to the affordable price when compared to other hearing aid devices; it is definitely a product worth investigating.

Overall, the Bionic Hearing Aid is an excellent product in the journey back to being able to hear. Hearing your family, your grandchildren, the birds and all of the sounds that we love to hear. As well, it helps to prevent dangerous situations from happening due to the ability to hear the warnings you may miss. The Bionic Hearing Aid; check into yours today.


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