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Though this unsightly skin issue has many nick names, medically speaking Cellulite is the appearance of dimpling of the skin caused by fatty deposits located just below the surface of the skin.

Many refer to this embarrassing problem as “cottage cheese”, “hail damage” or “orange peel skin”. To those who suffer from cellulite, none of these names are the least bit humorous.

Cellulite is most often found on the thighs or the buttock area, as well as the midsection.  It is increased by poor elasticity in the skin.

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Essentially the fat cells become so large for their allotted space that they begin to form asymmetrical areas of fat beneath the skin.

Fortunately, there are products available to help reduce visibility, in some cases up to 78%.  The review of Cellulean (aminophylline cream) can be found below.

Cellulite Reduction using Cellulean

It is important to learn what causes cellulite so that you can attempt to prevent worsening or redevelopment.  The most


Cellulite Gel

common causes for cellulite are poor diet, decreased H20 intake, smoking, and often genetics can increased your chance of developing cellulite.

While cellulite is primarily a female issue, it can as well affect men.  Cellulite doesn’t just happen to people who are considered overweight or obese, as we have all been witness to thin people who are stricken with this not so appealing look.

To avoid increased cellulite, it is important to drink plenty of water, follow a healthy diet, drink plenty of fluids, and most importantly stop smoking.  Smoking as we know carries much worse consequences health wise.

Stay away from starvation diets as this will not help rid you of cellulite, and stay moving! Exercise will increase your chances of preventing cellulite. Add the above to a revolutionary product that has been extremely effective in cellulite removal, namely Cellulean, and you will be well on your way to getting rid of cellulite.

Cellulite Treatments

As noted above, one of the most effective and best selling products available today for cellulite reduction is Cellulean.

Cellulean is a product that has been referred to as “liposuction in a bottle” minus the invasive risks associated with surgical procedures.  The success when using this product has been phenomenal as noted on several major networks all over the world.

Cellulean is delivered via what is called a Trans-Derma-Fuze system that seeps through to the deep layers of your skin, at which point it begins to promote fat cell reduction and collagen.  It works below the surface of the skin.

It benefits the elasticity of the skin and is filled with many beneficial effective ingredients compared to the ingredients you might find in similar products available. Some of the active ingredients are antioxidants, green tea, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and liposomes.

Cellulean is promoted worldwide by many respected medical professionals and is distributed worldwide even though it was developed in the United States.

It has promised to show visible results in a 2 week time frame when used according to the directions, and clinical trials performed showed a major improvement in cellulite.

The results are amazing with this super cellulite reducing product when compared to other products that promise to show results in cellulite reduction or removal. It has maximum potency and will effectively increase the metabolic rate to assist in fat cell reduction.

Cellulean (aminophylline cream) is by far the most promising non-prescription cellulite reducing product available today.

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cellulean cellulite gel

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