Green Coffee Beans Extract

The widely known and impressively knowledgeable Dr. Mehmet Oz (the American-Turkish Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Author and TV Personality) recently covered the topic of green coffee beans on his talk show, warranting a thorough investigation into a product that has become available in the area of weight loss.

As history repeats itself, many times when a popular trusted physician promotes a product, people tend to jump on the band wagon and purchase and use the product without researching the benefits, or even possible negative side effects that the product may bring.

While investigating green coffee beans, one product that came to light was ‘Green Coffee Bean Max’.  Green Coffee Bean Max is made from 100% pure green coffee beans and also contains 50% Clorogenic Acid from Green Coffee Anti-oxidant Extract, also referred to as CGA.

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What are Green Coffee Beans?

Green coffee beans are the fresh unroasted beans of the fruit called Coffea. They are light in color in comparison to the classic coffee beans that have been roasted, which is what causes the dark coloring you see on the un-ground bean.

Unfortunately, the roasting process of the coffee bean causes the green coffee bean to lose approximately 90 percent of the essential anti-oxidant and fat burning elements. This is why it is important to keep the integrity of the bean in its natural state.

When processing, a procedure is followed which includes cleaning, drying, and roasting, followed by grinding, at which point the coffee beans are ready to be brewed.

The Green Coffee Bean Max has taken these facts into consideration and developed a formula that uses NO additives or preservatives, which amplifies the fat burning components of the bean itself, keeping it 100% natural.

On consumption, it has been said that the green coffee bean extract can assist in helping with weight reduction, among other things.

Green Coffee Bean Benefits

Outside of the obvious benefit of amplification of the weight loss process when using this product following the recommended dosage, there are other benefits that come with this particular all natural supplement.

Decreased blood pressure is one of the secondary benefits of the extract contrary to the common belief that caffeine related products can raise blood pressure. Studies have reported that individuals consuming green coffee products have demonstrated a noticeable decrease in blood pressure levels.

Elimination of free radicals, also referred to as cancer precursors, is another positive benefit of using the green coffee bean extract, and this works by protecting cell membranes throughout the body. Cancer is extremely frightening on diagnosis and any all natural prevention methods should be taken very seriously.

Green coffee beans have also shown to assist with blood sugar control by boosting metabolism.  Maintaining blood sugar control is vitally important in preventing a condition called diabetes mellitus and will help with facilitating good overall health.

How does it work in weight loss?

Weight loss has been the most notable benefit of green coffee beans. The high anti-oxidant and clorogenic acid levels within the beans are the main elements leading to reduction in weight. Clorogenic acid is recognized in blood glucose absorption.

This is beneficial in assuring that the glucose is used properly within the body. Because of this, the body feels like it requires less food intake, thus limiting over eating. Limiting over eating will, in ALL cases, cause loss of body fat.

In addition, this particular extract causes an elevation in body temperatures which will naturally elicit the fat burning process. In conjunction with the high level of anti-oxidants, the green coffee bean compound works exceptionally well in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

There are very few ingredients in the green coffee bean max product. It is made with pure (100%) green coffee bean extract.  This allows the product to be labeled as all natural in contents. As noted, it has high levels of anti-oxidants/GCA.

No preservatives or additives are used in formulating the green bean coffee max product which is beneficial in all aspects of health.  Furthermore, because of the all natural ingredients, the possibility of side effects from the extract is highly unlikely.

Positive Remarks

Green Coffee Beans Extract

Green Coffee Beans Extract

Just like Dr. Oz above, numerous medical professionals have shared positive feedback or remarks regarding the green coffee bean extract products. This is largely due to the all natural ingredients as well as the other health benefits that are proven to come with regular intake.

Additionally, as noted with any all natural weight loss supplement or diet, regular healthy food choices and some exercise is necessary when it comes to losing weight in a healthy fashion. While increased metabolism does help, all three are recommended to lose weight safely and effectively.

Green Coffee Bean Max Product

As outlined above, this particular product was formulated out of all natural, 100% pure green coffee beans with the goal of assisting in weight loss, fat burning, increase in anti-oxidants, blood sugar control, blood pressure maintenance, and more.

Using this formula in an extract/pill formula allows your body the ability to lose weight in a safe, all natural way. Though some have been proven to lose weight on this product without the addition of diet and exercise, it has been recommended to include these aspects in order to achieve the best results.

A small study has shown that individuals following the recommended dosages of the product have reduced their weight by an average of 17.5 pounds over a 22 week period of time, thus gaining the respect that this all natural supplement has earned as of late.

Any time you see the words “safe” or “all natural” on a product that is proven to assist in weight loss, you can safely assume that it may be the answer for you in your weight loss endeavors.

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