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In 2012, the top rated TV show Dr Oz featured a segment on a new appetite suppressant known as Saffron Extract. It was noted that not only did the extract help people to curb their hunger and prevent overeating, the users were also happier and less likely to suffer depression.

In this review we will look at how exactly Saffron extract works and why it can cause you to lose weight. We will also introduce you to 100% pure Saffron Extract Select and explain why this supplement has proved to be so popular with dieters.

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What is Saffron Extract Select?

This extract is derived from the dried stigmas of the Saffron plant. The spice of the Saffron has been used for centuries in cooking, but the powerful extract has also been used in traditional medicine.

Saffron is prized not only for medicinal powers but also its rarity. In order to make a single pound of Saffron spice, over 75,000 flowers are used and each of these needs to be harvested by hand.

How Does Saffron Extract Help Weight Loss?

One of the primary reasons that people overeat is due to “compulsive eating”. This is where we eat in order to meet a psychological need that we have. Emotional eating occurs most commonly when we are suffering from stress or are depressed. According to a recent study by Harvard Medical School it was found that more than 7 million American suffer from Binge Eating Disorder (BED).

Low levels of Serotonin have been directly linked with compulsive eating. It is serotonin that makes us feel good, and when it is low we seek to feel happier through binge eating. What Saffron Extract does is to naturally increase Serotonin levels in your body. By raising your serotonin levels you will no longer experience this need for emotional eating.

saffron-extractIn a 2010 study published in “Nutrition Research” 60 overweight women, were divided into two groups and given either a placebo or saffron extract. Over eight weeks the two groups were measured for both body weight and snacking. The group that was given the Saffron extract, not only lost more body weight they also snacked less often during the two month period, than the placebo group.

Eliminating compulsive eating is not the only way that Saffron extract helps to control weight. Taking saffron extract also helps you to feel full after eating for a longer period of time. Another finding from the Nutrition Research study was that between meals, that 84% of women who took the Saffron extract had a decreased feeling of hunger between meals. This compares to 55% for the placebo group.

By reducing the amount that you eat at meals and by reducing snacking between meals, most users experience a significant decrease in their overall calorie intake. By maintaining a calorie deficient over the period of week, weight loss is inevitable.

Other Benefits of Saffron Extract

While Saffron Extract is primarily for weight loss, it also has a number of other health benefits and can be used to treat a variety of conditions.


As noted above Saffron extract naturally increases the Serotonin levels in the body. Indirectly this stops emotional eating and can lead to weight loss. More directly however by increasing the amount “feel good” chemicals in the body, it can help to treat depression. In one 2004 study published in the “BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine”, depression patients were given either imipramine, which is a common anti-depressant, or alternatively Saffron extract. Both medications were able to achieve similar results in remedying depression.


Saffron extract contains a component known as crocin, which is believed to help with memory, recall and learning. Scientists have also been looking at whether Saffron extract maybe able to help dementia and Alzheimer’s. Evidence for this is promising but not strong enough to be conclusive at this point in time.


Saffron has been used for hundreds of years in order to speed up the repair bruises and sores. Here saffron extract is formed in a thick paste and then applied to the wounded area.

Saffron Extract Select

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To assist their customers with their weight loss goals, Saffron extract also provides three free reports with all purchases. These detail how to use Saffron extract, how to purchase foods that support your diet and the right exercise protocols for weight loss.

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